Joanna Szproch


Photography Artist + Educator

Joanna Szproch (born in 1979 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Berlin-based visual artist and educator working with the medium of photography. She earned a MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (PL) in 2004.

Since she moved to Berlin in 2012, she thoroughly liberated her way of seeing from the influence of male canon, its monopoly on meaning and value, and dedicated her practice to visual arts and years-long projects. Exploring female sensuality, pleasure, and fantasy through everyday situations, she embraces the women’s perspective and its complexity.

Artist Statement

As a human being, I feel and think.

I perceive the world with curiosity through all my senses.

Nonetheless, Polish women must be only attractive and chaste at the same time. Everything they do is subject to constant public scrutiny. We are denied the right to pleasure and joy. This I intuitively refuse, but also repel a female martyrdom that weakens me. I cultivate resilience through self-knowledge and self-realization. I don't feel ashamed to let my senses guide me. I also embrace my imagination and playfulness with courage, observe with curiosity, and look for a colorful, magical momentum that stimulates my fantasies. It strengthens me in everyday life.

The uninhibited environment for self-exploration is the central component of my work. In my photographs I work on different dichotomies: sexual - divine, sensitive - brave, authentic - performed. Allowing serendipity is the counterpoint to my meticulous work preparation. The resulting pictures are a contradiction that seeks the indescribable in reality and perceives the authentic in the imaginary. I don't reproduce men's fantasies but discover my own. I let myself be guided by the individuality of my subjects, following empathetically their urge for self-expression. These striking images create a seductive portrayal of a human whose exterior and interior are integrated.

My pictures are a visual manifestation of joy and pleasure. 

They are an orgy of colors, a feast for the eyes. 

They have power.

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