Joanna Szproch


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Teaching Approach

My approach is to engage in a critical interaction that will help us to see the best in your work. Is this photography any good? If yes, why? What does it express, what is its purpose, how can it evolve, is it a portfolio or a single photo project, how to edit it, what are the darlings to kill, and why? And what should be the next step? In that process, you will learn how to think about your work more critically, see your strengths and be aware of how to use them to grow with your photography.

Portfolio Review

Have you recently finished a photographic project? Perhaps you are in the middle of one, or simply want another pair of eyes going over your photography to provide some feedback. A portfolio review / one-time consultation is right for you! The set-up is simple: you send me a pdf with your photographs, a description of the work, plus a list of your overall goals or questions, and we meet up online for an hour to talk about your pictures. Knowing about your goals is important — this allows me to make sure you get the most out of the time.

Mentoring is for you if


1 hour & 6-12 hours Feedback Program — In these sessions, you can present me a specific body of work and receive critical input in terms of concept, narrative, or edit. In a longer commitment, I could provide methodological and practical advice as well as discuss goals and directions during its development. 

Connect, share experiences and collaborate together.: these are the main goals of my education program, In this live private session, you can get your projects reviewed, consider what is the best way to publish your work, or simply get feedback and move forward. Every session is a uniquely different experience where you can ask specific questions, get practical advice and expand your network. 

How to get started? Simply contact me at, book a date and provide a link to your portfolio with a clear question or goal to start with. Take advantage of working remotely, when you need it, and enjoy this innovative way of collaboration.  

You want to expand your available tools, In general, want to make new work, with critical support.    

Please note that the following services are available in English, Polish, and German.