Joanna Szproch


I embrace my human capacity to feel and think, exploring the world with curiosity through all my senses. I reject the narrow confines imposed on women and challenge the dual expectations of being merely attractive and chaste. Through self-discovery, I actively resist both—societal norms and the martyrdom imposed upon women that deny us the right to pleasure and joy. Central to my artistic endeavors is the exploration of uninhibited environments. My analog images are my testimonies.  They embody diverse dichotomies: sexual - divine, sensitive - brave, authentic - performed. Through meticulous preparation and spontaneous experimentation, I craft images that challenge perception, revealing the phantasmal within reality and the genuine within the imagined.

By reconnecting with my authentic self, I tap into a wellspring of inner beauty and resources. This inherent beauty is a birthright, a gift bestowed upon us by nature. I don’t feel ashamed to let my senses guide me. My inward journey is not just self-serving; it allows me to fully experience the beauty of life, in all its facets – emotions, relationships, and the natural world. I courageously embrace my imagination and playfulness, observe with curiosity, and look for a colorful, magical momentum that stimulates my fantasies. I do not replicate men's fantasies but discover my own, portraying a harmonious integration of our inner world and outward expression — a visual embodiment of joy, pleasure, and curiosity, a kaleidoscope of emotions in motion, and an embodied palette of human capabilities. My images are an orgy of colors, a feast for the eyes.

I perceive the body as a conduit for sensory experiences and communication, seeking to broaden the idea of attraction beyond mere physicality. I believe that when our souls are fulfilled, our bodies reflect this through appearance, expressions, gestures, and scent. Human consciousness originates from prenatal awareness, synchronized with the mother's heartbeat, and evolves through touch. Our skin serves as a connection to others. I strive to move past the objectification of the body, valuing it in its entirety regardless of gender, age, or shape. In particular, I focus on the socialization of females, where the notion of requiring male salvation perpetuates persistent feelings of inadequacy. Courage is essential in confronting discomfort and overcoming shame, as these are the tools to challenge established norms.

In my broader mission, I make the personal political by sharing my experiences as a visionary woman, an artist,
a thinker, a single mother, a violence survivor, and an immigrant. Despite the concept of determinism, I firmly believe in the inherent right to personal choice and agency, transcending societal norms. I refuse to be silenced by shame or censorship and work to guide our actions with empathy and respect, not morals or taboos.
I advocate for understanding violence as a tool for prevention, growing resilience, and empowerment to shape a more welcoming future. My goal is to confront challenges, educate, and foster change through autobiographical and participatory methods. Through honest and empathetic communication, I aim to build trust, connect with others, and shed light on less visible experiences.

I'm dedicated to harnessing personal narratives' transformative power. My vision is a local community supporting women facing adversity fostering healing,
self-discovery, and empowerment. Actively co-creating, we address the need for belonging, challenging societal constraints on women, recognizing each individual's dignity, advocating mutual respect, and fostering a culture of learning from each other. Our emphasis is on
resilience, skill-sharing, and self-sufficiency, rejecting prejudiced and patronizing attitudes. We acknowledge the importance of recognition for those often
victim-blamed individuals, amplifying diverse perspectives and empowering women to reclaim their agency and self-esteem. We shift the narrative from objectification to self-determination, asserting personal worth from authenticity.

We explore joy and resilience through playful creativity, storytelling, and a nuanced understanding of individual experiences, transforming trauma and shame. Our community values self-reflection, manifestation,
and personal boundaries, treating participants' skills as personal capital. Rejecting online superficiality, we prioritize personal encounters, differentiating offline and online, private and public domains. Expression is intertwined with experience, and our goal is to explore participants' resourcefulness and encourage
self-reliance. Through diverse ability practices, we seek to create a de-centered and stabilizing knowledge-making environment. Collective work fosters care, and countering isolation practices inherent in the neoliberal agenda of self-improvement. We affirm that personal worth comes from staying true to oneself.